What is Unclaimed P​roperty​?​

​How do I report and remit unclaimed property to the department of revenue?

Why does Wisconsin have an unclaimed property law?

Who administers the law?

What happens to unclaimed property when the Department of ​Revenue cannot locate the rightful owner​?

How much and what kind of property is involved?

Why is the state of Wisconsin involved?

What efforts are made by the Department of Revenue to find the rightful owners?

How can I avoid unclaimed property?​​

What role does Office of the State Treasurer​ play?​

What is the role of the Treasurer's Office?

Where is the Treasurer's office located?

How can I contact the Treasurer's Office?

What is a US Savings Bon​ds?​

​How did the state of Wisconsin get the bonds?

How do I claim a savings bond that is listed in the unclaimed property database?

How do I cash a US savings bond?

Do I have to pay taxes on the interest income earned on the bond?​

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