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"The typical working age family has $3,000 saved for retirement. That’s it. And we know people can’t live off of Social Security alone. So one of the things we’re trying to understand (is) why is this? Why can’t people save for retirement?" Godlewski said.

Treasurer Godlewski said, “One of my top priorities as Chair of the BCPL is to increase Win-Win investment opportunities. Our work with the City of Washburn is an example of a win-win investment. It’s not only good for the environment but will cut energy costs in half – saving money for the city.”

Protecting tax dollars and improving the economic security of state residents shouldn't be partisan issues, she added: "The things we are fighting for are Wisconsin values, and we need to work together to achieve those."
Godlewski told voters, "The treasurer should be your champion in the fight against financial exploitation. Seniors, veterans, and vulnerable communities across our state have been taken advantage of for too long."
Godlewski says things like addressing interest rates, building public-private partnerships and consumer protection issues may be ways to help the problem.

“I really think if you look at millennials and their support system, this is a critical economic problem facing our entire generation," Godlewski said.​

Wisconsin does, indeed, need the strong fiscal voice that Godlewski was elected to provide. So it is time to step up.
Financial literacy is something we should never stop doing. Not just in elementary school, in middle school, but also when someone has a child or when they get married," Godlewski said. "Retirement is actually a really big issue with financial literacy, and so this is something we're talking about. We want to integrate it throughout our life, and starting to save now is something that can make a big difference in people's lives later on."​
I was, and still am, the only employee in this statewide office with a total budget of $113,500. There is no excuse for this wanton neglect of our state’s chief fiscal watchdog. The Office of the State Treasurer is self-funded, operating on revenue generated by programs supported or administered by the office. And while today there are millions of dollars of program revenue for the office, we cannot access this money to rebuild and carry out our responsibilities. Why? Because access to even a dollar of these funds requires legislative approval.​"​
“Wisconsin was a leader in giving women the right to vote, and I am honored to serve on the committee to acknowledge the 100th anniversary of this important milestone,” said Treasurer Godlewski. ​

April 1, 2019 NBC 4 WTMJ-TV Milwaukee: Wisconsin public schools to receive $36.2 million from Common School Fund

​“As Chair of this agency, it’s my top priority to ensure strong financial returns that support over a million school children around the state," State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski said. "This funding allows local librarians to purchase needed books and technology while relieving the burden on property taxpayers.”

March 14, 2019 The Daily Cardinal: Proposed refinancing authority aims to help UW graduates with student loan debt.

State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski faced a similar situation as many of her constituents. Following her college graduation, Godlewski faced $75,000 in debt at a nine percent interest rate.

“I wish that my story was an exception. But it’s not,” Godlewski said at the press conference. “How can young people get ahead if they can’t even keep up?”​

March 13, 2019 FOX 11 News: FOX 11 Investigates: Proposal to add duties to treasurer's office

"The governor's budget, I think, does a good job of helping to fulfill the request of the people which is to re-empower this office to be the fiscal watchdog," Godlewski said.

The budget process will likely take months to complete. The state treasurer says she's not waiting until then to get to work. She says she'll do everything she can with the limited duties she has to make an impact on the state.​​

March 5, 2019 The Tomah Journal: Melvina receives state loan; state treasurer links flood damage to climate change

“As our state experiences increasingly severe weather from record-breaking winter snowfalls to spring and summer flooding, I’m glad the BCPL can be a resource for communities in need of quick and affordable financing to address the impacts of climate change,” said [Treasurer Godlewski].​​

March 1, 2019 NBC 12 News Watch: Teaching Fiscal Literacy in School

Most Wisconsinites wished they saved more. Part of the problem is a lack of education about personal finance. But some local high schools are hoping to change that for the next generation and Treasurer Sarah Godlewski is supportive of the change. 

February​ 22, 2019 Wisconsin Public Radio: State Treasurer Reflects On First Month In Office

​​​​​Having now served as Wisconsin's Treasurer for more than one month, Sarah Godlewski said she looks forward to returning the state to being a financial leader in her tenure as its chief financial officer. 

​January 20, 2019 WXPR Local Public Radio: Wisconsinites Aren't Saving Much For Retirement: Treasurer

Godlewski recommends going to the website wisconsin​-saves. org where she says there are many tools to help you save more of your money.

January 10, 2019 Sarah Godlewski inaugurated as state Treasurer: some pictorial highlights of the event​

Sarah Godlewski, an Eau Claire Memorial High School graduate, was inaugurated on Monday as Wisconsin’s State Treasurer.​

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