Office of the State Treasurer

​​​​​​​​​The Office of the State Treasurer is the state's chief financial officer. As a constitutional officer, the State Treasurer serves as the state's fiscal watchdog, oversees investments, and fosters economic security for the citizens of Wisconsin in a financially sustainable manner. ​​

Economic Security

The Office of the State Treasurer advocates for the economic security of all Wisconsinites, because everyone deserves the chance to build a strong financial future for themselves and their families. Treasurer Godlewski’s work in building wealth for Wisconsinites includes homeownership, child investment accounts, and retirement security.

  • ​Formed just before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Treasurers' Homeowners Task Force worked to help Wisconsinites buy, maintain, and stay in their homes. Learn more about the Task Force here​.
  • ​The innovative 401(K)ids program will make Wisconsin a leader in improving the economic security of the next generation by providing every child in Wisconsin with a way to start saving at birth. Read more about this bipartisan bill her​e, or watch a video explanation here.
  • ​Every Wisconsinite should have the chance to retire with financial security and peace of mind. Read the full Retirement Security Task Force Report here​, and learn more about the work being done here.​


Investing in public schools and local communities is a core duty of the State Treasurer’s office, and T​reasurer Godlewski has worked​ diligently to ensure effective management of public funds. Through the Treasurer’s role as Chair of the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, she oversees its $1.4 billion in state​​​​ trust funds. The Treasurer’s priorities include: 

  • Investing wisely to provide record-breaking distributions for the Common School Fund that provides funding for our public schools focused on supporting libraries and technology. Further, during COVID, the BCPL provided a special distribution of $5.25 million to help address the digital divide by financing hot spots and e-learning books. 
  • Supporting municipalities and school districts by financing critical projects that include roads and bridges to housing. During the Treasurer’s tenure, they’ve approved over 500 projects -- totaling over $300 million. To learn more about the State Trust Fund Loan Program, click here, and to see a map of investments across the state, click here​.
  • ​Creating investment policies that are making a positive impact by including a Wisconsin first approach and considering important investment risks like climate change and investing in renewable energy.

Taxpayer Transparency

Treasurer Godlewski takes great pride in her role serving as Wisconsin's fiscal watchdog. Wisconsin taxpayers have the right to know how their tax dollars are being spent, and to be reunited with their unclaimed property or money when possible. The Office of the State Treasurer continues to provide this transparency and support to Wisconsinites.

  • Taxpayers shouldn’t have to have an accounting degree or spend hours sifting through long, confusing documents to understa​​​nd how the State of Wisconsin spends their tax​ dollars. That’s why the Treasurer’s office creates Taxpayer Reports, read the latest version for the 2021-23 biennium here.
  • The State Treasurer works to promote the return of unclaimed property by partnering with the Department of Revenue. Find out if you have money or property waiting for you here.​
  • The Treasurer has collaborated with county treasurers to best serve taxpayers on a number of issues - most recently to address property tax foreclosure and provide information on property taxes​ to Wisconsinites.

A Message from State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski

​To the people of Wisconsin,

As your State Treasurer, it is my great honor to represent you as Wisconsin’s chief financial officer.  I serve as your fiscal watchdog, protecting and advancing the state’s investments, and finding innovative ways to create greater economic security for the people of Wisconsin.

My commitment is to fight for smart, bold policies that grow economic opportunity and financial security for every Wisconsin worker and family. We also provide greater transparency and accountability in the state’s finances. Also,​ my team and I are working to return thou​sands of dollars worth of unclaimed property to taxpayers every year.
The economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has made this work much more urgent as Wisconsin faces deepening financial challenges. 88% of Wisconsinites wish they had more saved for retirement, and nearly one million don’t have access to retirement savings through work. Homeownership, the foundation of the American Dream, remains out of reach for too many, and too challenging for those trying to hang on to it. And as a student loan borrower myself, I have seen firsthand how crippling student loan debt crushes family budgets. My office is working tirelessly to implement smart, innovative solutions to bring relief and support for Wisconsin families at their kitchen tables. 

One way we do that is by making smart investments to strengthen our state. As chair of the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands and our school trust funds, I oversaw two record distributions to support public schools and stepped up to make a special disbursement of $5.25 million when COVID hit for technology to help students participate in distance learning during the pandemic. Through the State Trust Fund Loan program, we helped cities, counties, and towns across Wisconsin fund critical projects ranging from small business loan programs to snowplows. In fact, we financed over $165 million in local projects in Wisconsin's communities, as part of over $550 million in new portfolio investments,​ over the last biennium.

I'm working hard every day to serve you, and want to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact my office with your questions and concerns. ​


Sarah Godlewski
Wisconsin Stat​e Treasurer​