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Welcome to the Office of the State Treasurer!

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​To the people of Wisconsin,

I am honored to represent you as your State Treasurer. As Wisconsin’s chief financial officer, I oversee the investment of public money, pursue economic security for Wisconsin taxpayers, and serve as your fiscal watchdog. 

As Treasurer, I sign millions of checks from Wisconsin’s checkbook every year and keep an eye on how taxpayer money is spent. My goal is to provide greater transparency and accountability in the state’s finances. My team and I are also working to return thousands of dollars worth of unclaimed property to taxpayers.  

I am dedicated to developing a solution to the retirement gap in Wisconsin. When over 50% of Wisconsinites have not saved enough for retirement, it is apparent that our state must do more. And as a student loan borrower myself, I have seen firsthand how difficult it can be to stay afloat under the burden of student loan debt. Graduates are paying up to 15% in interest and we must work to tackle this issue.

As chair of the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands and our school trust funds, I oversee $1.2 billion that is used to finance public school libraries. This year, the fund distributed over $36.2 million to Wisconsin schools. One of our investments is the State Trust Fund Loan program, which provides an opportunity for municipalities to finance critical projects at an affordable rate. We have financed over $1 billion worth of local projects in Wisconsin's communities over the last two decades. 

I'm working hard every day to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact my office with your questions and concerns. ​

Forward, ​​​

 Sarah Godlewski 


Due to limited resources, we only have one staff member.
As such, our door may be closed or our phone may not be answered right away.
Please feel free to contact us at treasurer@wi.gov.​​