State Budget Transparency

​​As your State Treasurer, I take great pride in my role serving as Wisconsin's fiscal watchdog. Transparency and accountability are crucial in public finance, and Wisconsinites have the right to know how their tax dollars are being spent without needing to sift through long, confusing documents or having an accounting degree. With this in mind, we hope this webpage provides a deeper understanding of our state’s budget process and insight into tax-funded programs.

Below we provide an outline of the state budget process, our 2019-21 Taxpayer Report, and resources for where you can learn more about the state budget. 

​Wisconsin State Budget Process

​All state agencies and constitutional offices, including the Office of the State Treasurer, develop a budget request every two years. The Governor receives those requests and introduces a budget proposal known as the Executive Budget that includes the budgets of each agency. The Legislature reviews, changes, and approves spending allocations through the budget bill. The budget bill passed by the Legislature then heads to the Governor’s desk to be reviewed and signed. Once the budget is passed, the State Treasurer’s Office works to provide transparency and accountability in the way state money is spent.

2019-20 Taxpayer Report

​​2019-21 Wisconsin State Treasurer Taxpayer Report.png​Our 2019-21 Taxpayer Report is a clear and digestible summary of the state budget, which is passed every two years by the Wisconsin State Legislature and Governor. 

I strongly believe the budget is a reflection of our values as a state. In this report, you will see how Wisconsin supports its families, farmers, students, industries, environment, and most importantly, you. 

I hope the 2019-21 Taxpayer Report provides you with greater clarity as to where your money goes and how it shapes the policies and programs that make our communities thrive. Given the scope of the state budget, this is by no means an exhaustive report. Instead, it is a starter guide for you to learn more about some of the things our state government funds. Our report features ten sections of the budget and highlights a few programs under each. ​

As you read this report, the Governor and Legislature are working on the 2021-23 Biennial Budget, which will be finalized in Summer 2021. Although the dollar amounts change with every budget, the majority of programs remain the same. We hope this report serves as a document to facilitate a deeper understanding of the process and programs your tax dollars go to fund.

​Links to Learn More About Our State Budget​

​​2021-23 State Budget​

​2019-21 State Budget