Wisconsin Help for Homeowners

​Capitalizing on the resources and network​s created as part of the Task Force, the Office of the State Treasurer is proud to work in partnership with the Department of Administration and WISCAP to launch the Wisconsin Help for Homeowners program to help keep Wisconsinites in their homes. Whether it's someone who ​​fell behind on their mortgage payments because they lost their job due to COVID-19, or someone who missed a few property tax payments and is struggling to catch up; Wisconsinites need this assistance, and the Office of the State Treasurer is proud to be a part of the efforts to provide this relief.

​Using $92.7 million in​ federal funds, the program is intended to cover costs of homeownership, including mortgage payments, property taxes, and utility payments for Wisconsinites.

The program application is now live, and Wisconsinites can begin applying for assistance. Visit homeownerhelp.wi.gov​ to learn more about the program including, eligibility requirements, and start your application!


  • In order for constituents or clients to receive assi​stance through the Wisconsin Help for Homeowners program, these groups and individuals must complete Collaboration Agreements and other financial forms. For more information and to request these forms, email Tamra Fabian at: tamra.fabian@wisconsin.gov​

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office at treasurer@wisconsin.gov

To learn more about the Treasurers’ Task Force for Homeowners, see here.