​​​​​​​​​Wisconsin's Budget Process​

You can find out​ more about this process and the current budget proposals being considered by visiting DOA.wi.gov/CurrentBiennialBudget

What's the Treasurer's role in the budget?

​The State Treasurer develops the budget for their office every two years along with other constitutional offices and state agencies. The Governor receives those requests, introduces a budget proposal that includes the Treasurer's budget, the Legislature approves the spending allocations, and the Treasurer works to provide transparency and accountability in the way they spend that money. 

Wisconsinites voted overwhelming to ensure that they would continue to have that critical fiscal watchdog, and now it's time to provide the resources necessary so this office can continue to meet your expectations and serve our state. As the State Treasurer's budget is being considered, you can make yo​ur voice heard to ensure this office has the resources it needs. 

Whether you care about our state's environment, public schools, or the retirement gap, the State Treasurer's office can make a positive impact on the issue you care about most. Below, you can click to download our budget advocacy one-pagers that provide information about the role of this office and a draft letter that you can share with your elected officials via mail or email. 

Reach out and ask your Representative and Senator to support this office in Wisconsin's 2019-2021 budget! ​

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